The Multiple Universe Wikia has a list of Rules that ALL members must follow. If any of these Rules are Broken, it will harm this Wikia and Effect the Users who are a part of it. If a rule is broken (With the exception of Rule one) The One who broken it will receive three warnings before being kicked, banned for Three hours and if Continued, Banned Perminantly and Blocked.


  • Roleplaying is allowed but Keep it to a Minimum.
  • No Spamming in the Main Chat.
  • No trolling (For example: Insults, "U Mad Bro's" )
  • Keep Swearing to a Minimum.
  • No violating Pages.
  • No Disrespecting Others.
  • Keep Roleplaying Appropriate, Hugging and Kissing is allowed. Nothing too Serious.

Following these rules will make sure our wikia is a Friendly and Epic Place! Please Be Polite and Have Fun!

Miles Prower (talk) 01:02, May 20, 2013 (UTC)Miles Prower